A house becomes a home when there’s family inside.


You know that family member you turn to that is a lawyer, or is a doctor, or knows their tech to fix your computer? Well, that’s JKL if you need to sell your home, rent a home or manage your property for others to make a home. We are the real estate family you can turn to when you need us most to go the extra mile.


The JKL family is the real estate team that has been committed to our

community for more than 25 years. So just like family, we’re here to

build long-term relationships. 


John and Karen Hoswell founded JKL in 1996 as independent agents our customers got to know and left a great legacy for our JKL brand. Their daughter, Lauren and partner Daniel have since continued the JKL experience our community turns to.

Leading our team to carry on thriving as specialist leaders of real estate sales and property management.


Our team has grown into a larger family of its own. Setting the standard for an exceptional experience driven by market knowledge and attentive service that is delivering “wow’s” at every turn. But of course, we bring our family attitude to the dinner table. To celebrate our wins, have a laugh, work together and add a sprinkle of cheek to our humour. As we joke that our team is “the Forster family you get to choose”. 


Welcome to our real estate family and meet our JKL team. We’ll leave the welcome mat out for you.






To do what we do as one team, one family, one community for the betterment of each other.



Our experience goes beyond the expected to make us and those we help, deliver nothing less than a “wow” from our mouths.



No artificial colours or flavours are allowed in this family home. We are real. We do what we say and say what we do in our own way. To support, help and encourage one another.




Our JKL team operate along the Mid North Coast and Hunter region of NSW. Our team can connect with you remotely, at your door or you can give our door a knock anytime you like at our corner offices on Little Street, Forster. Just wipe your feet before you come in as we’ll have the welcome home mat laid out for you.