Can't find the answer to your question? Below you will find a list of JKL Real Estate's most frequently asked questions. If you still find your question hasn't been answered, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to assist.

Do I need a Conveyancer or Solicitor when buying or selling?

A property purchase is often the biggest transactions a person will make in their lifetime. For this reason we always suggest you seek professional legal advice from a qualified conveyancer or Solicitor. Ensuring the accuracy of contracts and documentation is vitally important to protect both buyer and seller during the sale process.

How do I change Agency's to JKL?

If you already have an agreement to sell your property with another agency, you must read the conditions of that agreement to understand your obligations. There is normally a notice period you will be required to give when ending an agreement, however this may vary from agent to agent. We suggest you contact one of the JKL Sales Consultants to discuss this process. We will be able to assist with helping you make the transfer to JKL.

How do I find JKL Real Estate to visit your office?

JKL Real Estate is located in a prominent location in the Forster CBD. Visit our Contact Us page for our address information. Click Here.

How long will it take to sell my property?

The time it takes to sell your property is determined by many factors. It is critical to listen to your agent to be guided on ensuring all factors are considered. Price, Presentation and Marketing are they key! Your property needs to be priced in line with the market, presented well to be appealing and marketed to all potential buyers on all platforms, in order to achieve a successful sale within a desired time frame. JKL can help with this.

How much will it cost to sell my house?

One of our Sales Consultants will be able to provide you with information on all relevant costs associated with selling your home. It it important to allow for the main expenses which normally include, Marketing, Agents Fees and Conveyancing Fees.

Why dont JKL offer a fixed fee option?

Fixed fee Agencies or Portals are a great option for people who simply want to sell their home and are not concerned with achieving a premium price from the sale of their property. Fixed fee options are also associated with being a more DIY option. By charging a % fee for our services, JKL can offer a more customised experience when selling you property. If you are looking to achieve a premium price from the sale of your property matched with a first class level of service and convenience JKL are the people to see.

Why isn't my property selling?

If your property has not sold within an expected time frame, this is likely to be related to one of three things. Price, Presentation or Marketing. If your property is not priced correctly within the market, it may not sell. If your property is not well presented or appealing to purchasers, then it may not sell. Lastly, If your marketing is not hitting the right audience or a large enough network of purchasers, it may not sell. You will need to be guided by your selling agent on these areas.