"Hey There" I'm Rhi,

I am one of the JKL Family's longest serving team members.

If you look at my business card, I've got the fancy title of Asset Care Manager.
But in reality, I am pretty much the mum of our Real Estate Family,

So the reason you are here is that the Fam and I could use a bit of extra help.
See, we've been doing such an amazing job keeping our property portfolio spick and span that Dan & Lozz have said

"Rhi It's time to grow the portfolio"

Excited at the opportunity to use my magic wand, I pulled it out and waved it around yelling Abracadabra across the office, much to my surprise nothing happened, there was no extra time on my watch to allow me to grow the portfolio.........

That's where you come in.

I need someone who's got the smarts, the laughs, and the drive to learn the ins and outs of Asset Care. Someone who's not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get stuck into the nitty-gritty of property management. But also someone who can share a joke and a coffee with me and not cringe at my "mum jokes"

As my side kick here is what you'll be getting into:

  • We will employ you full-time Monday to Friday with Saturdays as needed

  • We will pay you above the award with a few extra perks like Training and Development Incentives

  • You will be partnering with me to manage and nurture our existing portfolio of owners, tenants, and properties

  • You will be helping me grow the existing portfolio like a well-cared-for veggie patch

  • Your days will be diverse with no two days ever being exactly the same, expect a combination of both in and out-of-office duties

  • You will be learning all the secret agent stuff that makes a top-notch Asset Care Manager, just Like Me :)

  • We get Free Lunches (Once a month you can accidentally on purpose forget your lunch box)

  • You get a clear pathway to one day having your own portfolio and all the glory and satisfaction that comes with it

If you think you might fit our fun family vibe and you are looking for a clear pathway to a successful Real Estate Career, send me your resume and cover letter. 

So I know you are legit - put the words "
Abracadabra" in your application.

Click here to apply

I'm off to get a refund on this magic wand 🪄

Chat soon